Identity and Access Management

Single Identity Management Platform

  • Full Identity Management: User ID and passwords are managed so that one interface ensures that users have access to the right information across multiple systems and applications

  • Easy-to-use Management Interface: Centralized management has familiar appearance and straight-forward screens and prompts. If you know Active Directory you will immediately understand IAM

  • Single Password User Experience: User passwords and meta-data can be synchronized from AD to the applications, so users may access the applications with the same password they use to log in to Windows.

  • Monitoring and Audit: Full AD transaction auditing and reporting available.

  • Built on Active directory

  • Provides security reporting and auditing capabilities

  • Automated password and user metadata synchronization between application

  • Simplified application security and access management


  • Time-saving single solution for managing account permissions and User IDs across multiple applications in both local and hosted applications, all from a single Active Directory interface

  • Instant provisioning of new users and new services for faster service and software access

  • Enhanced experience through a single, automatic, password synchronization

  • Low cost, easy to install, learn & administer; no coding required

  • Easy maintenance and no investment in new servers

  • Instant provisioning of new users and new services for fast setup of new account


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