Identity and Access Management

Single Identity Management Platform

  • Full Identity Management: User ID and passwords are managed so that one interface ensures that users have access to the right information across multiple systems and applications

  • Easy-to-use Management Interface: Centralized management has familiar appearance and straight-forward screens and prompts. If you know Active Directory you will immediately understand IAM

  • Single Password User Experience: User passwords and meta-data can be synchronized from AD to the applications, so users may access the applications with the same password they use to log in to Windows.

  • Monitoring and Audit: Full AD transaction auditing and reporting available.

  • Built on Active directory

  • Provides security reporting and auditing capabilities

  • Automated password and user metadata synchronization between application

  • Simplified application security and access management


  • Time-saving single solution for managing account permissions and User IDs across multiple applications in both local and hosted applications, all from a single Active Directory interface

  • Instant provisioning of new users and new services for faster service and software access

  • Enhanced experience through a single, automatic, password synchronization

  • Low cost, easy to install, learn & administer; no coding required

  • Easy maintenance and no investment in new servers

  • Instant provisioning of new users and new services for fast setup of new account

Control Access

Control Access

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Defeat Real World Threats

Today's Cloud


The traditional network perimeter is vanishing in the sprawl of today’s cloud generation workforce. So, too, is the security built into that perimeter. You need a better way to extend security controls in today's cloud and still support anytime/anywhere access—without compromising productivity. 

Protect Endpoints


Symantec Endpoint Security provides unprecedented threat visibility and layered defense for all your customer’s endpoints. Leveraging patented technology allows you to address all your customer’s security concerns; blocking ransomware, zero-day threats and unknown  attacks, and managing diverse environments and applications is automated. Symantec provides all the tools to future-proof your security while reducing endpoint complexity.

Office 365®


We offer Office in the Cloud solutions integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365® and help healthcare organizations meet the privacy and security requirements for Protected Health Information (PHI) and comply with HIPAA Standards. These SOC 2 audited solutions are easy to install and manage.



Symantec protection delivers superior, multilayered protection to stop detected threats regardless of how adversaries attack our customers’ endpoints. It combines critical security capabilities with signatureless technologies such as advanced machine learning, advanced application defenses, and deception for defense–in-depth. 

Insights and Analytics


Enable and secure all your mobile devices, apps and content with a cognitive approach to enterprise mobility management. IBM MaaS360 is a comprehensive enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform that seamlessly deploys devices, delivers productivity apps and enables content collaboration across endpoints, users, apps, docs, and data. With the power of insights and analytics from Watson, MaaS360 helps organizations identify risks, opportunities and efficiencies to make informed decisions for their mobile strategy. 

WiFi Privacy


You can pay bills and check your email using public WiFi without worrying about hackers and identity thieves stealing your private data. With WiFi Privacy, you can turn any public hotspot into a secure virtual private network (VPN). With passwords and other confidential data encrypted and your location shielded from view, even advertisers can’t track you. Get WiFi Privacy to use your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet to go online in public, privately. 

Cloud Security, Endpoint Security, WiFi Privacy

Small and medium-sized businesses are not immune to targeted attacks such as ransomware and require a powerful yet simple solution to protect their endpoints against such infections. Cloud-delivered endpoint security services can provide both the requisite efficacy for threat protection and the efficiency to drive down the total cost of ownership.

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The New Age Of Email Security

Easy to Deploy


If you are looking for an all-in-one email security solution that provides enhanced privacy, fuller compliance and protection against targeted threats. It plugs into Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Outlook (web-based and desktop) and Gmail. It's easy to deploy and use and it makes email work better for business.   



 Do you want protect a small/medium-sized enterprise from today’s advanced threats, compliance risks and digital fraud. We offer enterprise-grade security technology and infrastructure—used to protect some of the largest organizations in the world—tailored to the needs of smaller enterprises.

Phishing Technology


Our spam and phishing technology efficiently analyzes hundreds of attributes in every email to get you up and running with cyber security. This advanced scanning accurately filters emails by examining envelope headers and structure, content, email sender reputation, images and more, to prevent spam emails, malware, other malicious email and attachment-based spam from reaching inboxes. Minimize computer repair and help deter identity and access management issues.

Advanced Threats


The industry’s most effective defense against advanced threats, Attachment Defense helps small to mid-sized enterprises detect malicious attachments to prevent computer repair. Instantly protect users against new, never-before-seen email threats as soon as they arise, so  your customers know that information is always secure. Defend against advanced threats, stop and block malicious URLs. Reduce the potential negative impacts of data loss by automatically encrypting email. Advanced protection for your social media accounts. Get started with cyber security and identity and access management today.



Enhance your security with spam and phishing detection, multilayer anti-virus, a robust filter rules engine. Stay compliant with policy-enforced encryption and a cloud-based email archive managed in a simple, intuitive user interface, and keep your business running with email continuity and our Emergency Inbox. 

Stops Viruses


No security vendor stops viruses and other email-borne threats better than we do. Our sophisticated anti-virus engines are highly accurate, effective and fast. We block all known viruses, and heuristic scanning discovers and protects against never-before-seen viruses for added security. 

Email Security, Email Encryption, Phishing

We help cybersecurity professionals protect their users from the advanced attacks that target them (via email, mobile apps, and social media), protect the critical information people create, and equip their teams with the right intelligence and tools to respond quickly when things go wrong.

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Protecting All That Matters



Every day Healthcare providers deal with a range of challenges in delivering excellent patient care and running their business efficiently while complying to regulations such as those found under HIPAA. To support these unique requirements of Healthcare practices, Cyberspace Armor provides solutions and services that protect our Healthcare customers.

Law Firms


Law firms today face many challenges and missed deadlines are the number one cause of malpractice claims against attorneys to include cyber security issues. They need to ensure compliance, collaborate within and outside their organization, and securely protect their client’s confidentiality and identity and access management. The cloud solutions we offer help law firms to succeed in today’s complex environment and minimize computer repair.



Microsoft services for the education market enable faculty and students to digitally transform their time in academia. Keep classrooms organized, from lesson planning to giving students feedback and tracking grades, while staying connected to peers in professional learning communities. Our cloud-based solutions provide users with familiar Office applications, optimized for any device, to save time and effort in the classroom.

Privacy and Security


Office 365 is designed to meet health requirements for patient-centered collaboration, DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management platform allows healthcare providers to spend more time delivering care and less time processing paperwork, Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud solutions integrate seamlessly with Office 365® and help healthcare organizations meet the privacy and security requirements, and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) helps secure patient health information (PHI). We offer these solutions la carte or as a package to fit your needs.

Productivity Security


We offer LawToolBox365, Rmail® 365 and Microsoft Office365 as an integrated suite of leading cloud-based compliance, productivity security solutions to enable the modern law firm to become more efficient and grow their business. This customized legal solution enables firms to calculate, access and share deadlines from anywhere, anytime. Court rule changes automatically notify and update users to manage risk and avoid missed deadlines. Collaborate efficiently on matters with colleagues, share secure documents with clients, and connect with other lawyers.

Quantum Encryption


OTP Messaging is the first quantum messaging app. OTP Messaging provides unbreakable message encryption across a private network separate from email, using the One-Time Pad theory of encryption with each unique encryption key pad generated from a quantum random number generator, for the ultimate in messaging secrecy and anonymity. The provider of the patented OTP Messaging, has been enhancing customer security, compliance and productivity for more than a decade.  Contact us to find out more.

Security, Quantum Messaging, Protect All

"Protecting all that matters, from the workplace to the home, to everything in between." - Chris Young

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Disaster Recovery

Ultimate Protection

We offer the Ultimate Protection for Office 365’s Emails, Contacts, Calendars, and Attachments to help stabilize cyber security in your organization. With the scalability and unique data protection capabilities for Office 365, you can easily backup all your data to ensure they have complete protection of your Office 365 mailboxes and enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is safe to include identity and access management. We offer a cloud-based website backup and monitoring service that website owners can use independently to schedule automatic backups, monitor website availability, performance, and restore lost or corrupted data in a single click. Safeguard files, websites and databases to minimize computer repair. Protect Office 365 data with Cloud Backup. Get peace of mind, knowing that if data is lost, a fast search and 1-click restore will get it right back where it was, so everyone can stay productive. Use Cloud Storage as the off-site destination of your of your backup data. Email backup and archiving, helps small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and consumers securely backup, manage, recover and protect all of their critical data. Email backup and archiving, simplifies securing and managing email, with features such as one-click download and one-click restore.

Our Backup Cloud is a safe, scalable, hybrid cloud solution that protects all of your systems and devices, anytime, anywhere. Highly customizable and cost-effective, we provide backup products, disaster recovery and secure data access for SMBs and enterprise clients. This solutions cloud include physical, virtual and cloud server backup software, storage management, secure file sharing and system deployment. And it’s the ultimate protection for Microsoft Office 365 email, contacts, calendar and attachments.

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Backup all of your critical data before the disaster happens.

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Join the fight against cyber-attacks. Help us stop phishing and stop viruses from infecting our lives with our cyber security. Let's make a commitment together and Armor Up and use the tools we have to be cyber safe, minimize computer repair and control identity and access management.

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