Defeat Real World Threats

Today's Cloud


The traditional network perimeter is vanishing in the sprawl of today’s cloud generation workforce. So, too, is the security built into that perimeter. You need a better way to extend security controls in today's cloud and still support anytime/anywhere access—without compromising productivity. 

Protect Endpoints


Symantec Endpoint Security provides unprecedented threat visibility and layered defense for all your customer’s endpoints. Leveraging patented technology allows you to address all your customer’s security concerns; blocking ransomware, zero-day threats and unknown  attacks, and managing diverse environments and applications is automated. Symantec provides all the tools to future-proof your security while reducing endpoint complexity.

Office 365®


We offer Office in the Cloud solutions integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365® and help healthcare organizations meet the privacy and security requirements for Protected Health Information (PHI) and comply with HIPAA Standards. These SOC 2 audited solutions are easy to install and manage.



Symantec protection delivers superior, multilayered protection to stop detected threats regardless of how adversaries attack our customers’ endpoints. It combines critical security capabilities with signatureless technologies such as advanced machine learning, advanced application defenses, and deception for defense–in-depth. 

Insights and Analytics


Enable and secure all your mobile devices, apps and content with a cognitive approach to enterprise mobility management. IBM MaaS360 is a comprehensive enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform that seamlessly deploys devices, delivers productivity apps and enables content collaboration across endpoints, users, apps, docs, and data. With the power of insights and analytics from Watson, MaaS360 helps organizations identify risks, opportunities and efficiencies to make informed decisions for their mobile strategy. 

WiFi Privacy


You can pay bills and check your email using public WiFi without worrying about hackers and identity thieves stealing your private data. With WiFi Privacy, you can turn any public hotspot into a secure virtual private network (VPN). With passwords and other confidential data encrypted and your location shielded from view, even advertisers can’t track you. Get WiFi Privacy to use your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet to go online in public, privately. 

Cloud Security, Endpoint Security, WiFi Privacy

Small and medium-sized businesses are not immune to targeted attacks such as ransomware and require a powerful yet simple solution to protect their endpoints against such infections. Cloud-delivered endpoint security services can provide both the requisite efficacy for threat protection and the efficiency to drive down the total cost of ownership.

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